Haussmann par Henri Mazelier.

Entirely new in its conception, the Haussmann model bears a name that evokes the Parisian cultural heritage, elite refinement, the decorative arts and painstaking craftsmanship.

But in its form and lines, this Haussmann, like its namesake, makes a clean sweep of it all. A single-piece blade, a finely chased handle in bronze, copper or manganese… More than a knife, it’s an expression, a visionary ode to modernism and art deco that instantly exerts its distinctive persona and prowess.

  • Heritage: Paris
  • Blade: gloss-polished Z50 steel, guaranteed for 5 years
  • Handle: injected metal
  • Colors: bronze / copper / manganese
  • Weight / Size: 140 g / 230 mm
  • Prices (recommended retail prices): 110 € for one, 395 € for four, 565 € for six.